Terms and Conditions of our Guarantee

Please read the terms & conditions below to find out how you can qualify for SEO services that are backed by our guarantee.

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How to Qualify:
  • Our guarantee only applies to the Premium and Executive packages when they are recurring, and not one-time orders;
  • Guarantees are not applied to the Deluxe package as it is not as robust as our other packages;
  • As SEO takes time, we require 3 months (12 weeks) using our services in order qualify for the guarantee;
  • While results often happen before then, 3 months (12 weeks) is a safe measure that we offer.
  • For the Premium package, we will agree on 15 keywords that we will be targeting in the area. We will guarantee a minimum of 5 keywords will be ranked on the first page.
  • For the Executive package, we will agree on 25 keywords and guarantee 10 keywords will be ranked on the first page.

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